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Tap My Katamari (塊魂ノビータ Katamari Damashī Nobīta) is the sixth game in the Katamari Series.
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The game carries on the gameplay of previous Katamari games in which players must roll a sticky ball, known as a Katamari, over hundreds of objects, allowing it to grow in size and reach a desired size within a time limit. However, this iteration adds new gameplay mechanics that makes use of the PlayStation Vita's features. Along with the analogue controls, players can move their fingers across the touch screen in order to move their Katamari in the desired direction. By moving fingers along the back touch panel, players can squash and stretch their Katamari, stretching it lengthways in order to roll over more objects or squashing it upwards to fit into tighter areas.


Long ago, the King of All Cosmos brought light to the sky and replaced the stars of the universe, giving the people of Earth a beautiful portrait and a source of great inspiration. This, as you might imagine, made the King of All Cosmos tremendously popular. And he savored that popularity, until a normal family -- in a discussion about the King's awesomeness -- mentioned that the King and the local school principle were equally cool.
This horrified the King of All Cosmos. The King then confesses to his son The Prince, that he had been a bit lazy and that there was no wonder that Katamari Damacy fans were dissapointed, he instructs The Prince to roll katamaris that the King can eat to make the "cosmic belly" fit once more.


Level Mode


Score Candy
Make It Big 1 : Playtime Usual, K Drive, Eternal ±667 120 30
Make It Big 2 : Fashion Usual Size: 38cm3mm, Fashion: 212 100 40
Make It Big 5 : Children Eternal > 673 120 60
Kappa Eternal ? 120 60

Downloadable ContentEdit

The downloadable content in Touch My Katamari is piled into a several different features. Such feautres include:

Fan Damacy: Points needed to redeem Download Requests.

Download Requests: Add-on level content for Touch My Katamari.

Katamari Songs: Extra song's to play while rolling your Katamari!

Each request can be reedeemed in-game by using Fan Damacy's. These are the current Request's avalible on the PlayStation Store:

  • Download Request #1: Snowman!

Relive your childhood by rolling up a snowman!

  • Download Request #2: Shopping

Roll up and make an expensive Katamari!

  • Download Request #3: Maid Heaven

Clean up after yourself!

  • Download Request #4: We Love PAC-MAN

PAC-MAN going strong at 30!

  • Download Request #5: 'Downhill Race

Race againsts the clock!

  • Download Request #6: Katamari soccer

Play soccer with your Katamari!

  • Download Request #7 Katamari Fan Festival

Roll up a festival!

  • Download Request #8: Athlete Abyss

Train your hardest in Athlete Abyss!

  • Download Request #9: The Great Journey

Roll up the King!

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