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Nai-Nai, the box with the universe inside of her.

Nai-Nai is a shy orange cousin with the universe inside her. She is a box-like cousin who rarely shows her face. She was first introduced in Me & My Katamari then returns to Beautiful Katamari and Katamari Forever. Her face may show up when she is in a good mood, or when being extra careful, as shown by her animations when she rolls the katamari in Me & My Katamari.


Me & My Katamari Edit

Where/How to Find: Birch Town - After the 80cm barrier, go straight. Nai-Nai is one of the things the large box spouts out.

Size: ???

Description: A very shy second cousin. She will keep her face hidden a unless she is in a very good mood.

When Rolled Up: "Hmm? A bitty boxy thing... It's the rookie Nai-Nai! Yoo-hoo!"

Beautiful Katamari Edit

Where/How to Find: Dynaville - after the 100 meter mark, roll towards the icy islands. On a large ship being carried by a Phoenix.


Description: A very shy second cousin. She will keep her face hidden unless she is in a very good mood.

Cousin Leaderboard Description: Our favorite box-shaped friend, He's quiet and prefers to keep his thoughts for his secret book

When Rolled Up: "Hm? Something's Nai-Nai! Why aren't you developing your own voice?"

Katamari Forever Edit

Where/How to Find: Make a Star 9: On a large boat in the air by the snowy place. You have to time it just right to catch her.



When Rolled Up: "I think you rolled up something boxy. Could that be Nai-Nai? What's in the box? WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!"


In all of Nai-Nai's descriptions, she is female, but the retired Namco Matching Game mistook her for a male.

Trivia Edit

  • In Me & My Katamari, if Nai-Nai wears the armor it will resemble Drooby's torso.

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