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Lalala has tan skin with light palms.

Lalala is a free-spirited cousin who only shows bare skin and no clothes at all times. No reference is made to Lalala's gender throughout the games, despite the fact that this cousin is naked. However, in the Namco matching game, it claims that Lalala is female. Sometimes the King asks Lalala to wear clothes instead of being nude, implying that Lalala might be an exhibitionist. Lalala's appearance changed between Katamari Damacy and its following sequels; Lalala's skin darkens from lighter to very tan very suddenly, giving this cousin a suntanned look in later appearances, though Lalala's palms are light in color. In Touch my Katamari, Lalala wears a shaggy wig made from Colombo's hair. Lalala and Colombo are stated to be mutually attracted to one another and can be found close by in a few different levels in the games.

Lalala's Sound


The matching game claiming that Lalala is female.


Katamari DamacyEdit

Little naked Lalala being rather indecent with some crabs.

Little naked Lalala being rather indecent with some crabs.

Where/How to Find: Make Cancer - Inside the doghouse to the right of when you exit the underside of the house.

Size: 14cm

Description: A true free spirit, hating even the confines of clothing. Some call it exhibitionism.

When Rolled Up: "Oh, Lalala. Never a good time or place for you to put some clothes on, hm? How disturbing."

We  KatamariEdit


Lalala's mask in We ♥ Katamari

Where/How to Find: Snow Girl - Under an umbrella. (catching a tan in the snow, heh)



Size: 55cm, you bejins with 50cm. the right of ski shop. front of lodge. eying to the sky, sleep.

Description: A slightly sunburnt cousin who enjoys going out stark naked. When Rolled Up: "Oh!! You just rolled up something weird and naked!! Wait... It's cousin Lalala. Oh, stop getting in the way!"

Stage Conclusion:

Race car: Banana car

Mask: White blindfold

Me & My KatamariEdit

Where/How to Find: in Corn State - riding a dinosaurus.


Description: A slightly sunburnt cousin who enjoys going out stark naked. Check out those moves!

When Rolled Up:

Beautiful KatamariEdit

Where/How to Find: Roller Roaster, outside on top of a giant food pole that goes in and out of the ground. Accessible by using a bridge to cross the dreaded river. (Warning: is performing a disturbing pole dance)

Size: it doesn't matter. You can roll them up from the moment you get outside

Desc,r20cm.ição: primo ligeiramente Queimado, that Gösta de Sair Totalmente nua.

When Rolled Up:

Katamari ForeverEdit

Where/How to Find: Hot stuff-

Outside and across the river, there will be a tiger on a flying carpet when

you're close. There should be two bridges connecting an island and she is on
top of some stacked items that raise and lower in the - ground and the small


Description: A slightly sunburnt cousin who enjoys going out stark naked.

When Rolled Up: "Hola, something tawny. Oo-la-la, it's Lalala. Fresh out of the oven?"

Touch my KatamariEdit

Katamari on the web chare lalala

Lalala wearing a Colombo-fur wig.


Lalala as seen in Touch My Katamari.

Where/How to Find:Playtime, under the table.



When Rolled Up:


  • Lalala seems to be based off of the Rastafari Movement considering their color scheme.
    • Furthermore, it is possible that Lalala's name is based off of Inner Circle (a Jamaican reggae group)'s song "Sweat (A La La La La Long) ", which is often called "A Lalala Long".

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