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Kyun in the Matching Game

Kyun is a cousin who looks like an oil drop/black leaf. She is first introduced as a cousin in Beautiful Katamari and returns to the present sequel Katamari Forever. It is said that Kyun was a model.


Beautiful Katamari Edit

Where/How to Find: Mechanical Colony DLC - Get to 2m and climb up the satellites. When you get to the top two, drop between them and onto the ledge. Without falling off, turn right and roll for the black pointy thing.

Size: We are unsure

Description: A shy cousin, but opens up when you get to know her.

Cousin Leaderboard Description:

When Rolled Up: Hm? Something narrow... It's Kyun! Why aren't you at the drum recital?

After Clearing Stage: Something supple... Tjéna, Kyun. In the Princedom, stretching is a popular pastime.

Katamari Forever Edit

Where/How to Find: Make the Moon - Sitting under the tree near the lake.

Size: 3m

Description: A shy cousin, but opens up when you get to know him.

When Rolled Up: What was that dewdrop you found? Oh, It's Kyun! That head! So pointy!

Tap My KatamariEdit

Where/How to Find: 

Description: A shy cousin, but opens up when you get to know her.


  • Kyun, along with Huey, are said to be two timid cousins.
  • Kyun is where Ace used to be in the Make The Moon eternal mode in the original game.
  • Kyun and Mu are the only two cousins with monochrome presents. However, some of Kyun's presents, such as the Kite and Gum, are yellow.
  • Kyun is referred to as female in Beautiful Katamari and Tap My Katamari, but is referred as male in Katamari Forever.

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