The Hoshino Family, from left to right: Michiru, Mutsuo, Tomio, and Misue Hoshino

The Hoshino family are recurring characters throughout the series. There is a mother, father, son (Mutsuo), and daughter (Michiru). Hoshino translates to Star so their English name is Star Family.


Katamari DamacyEdit

They first appear in a Katamari Damacy cutscene in which the two children are watching a television show. The mother comes in to tell them that it's time to go, then leaves, when a breaking news story pops up. The reporter informs that "The stars have suddenly vanished from the sky. The cause is being investigated." They get to the car and drive to the airport, where yet another news update is announced. This one states that the stars are steadily regaining their positions in the sky. The three board the plane, and arrive at a patio where they see a rocket ship. The boy says "Hey Michiru, that's where Dad is!", indicating that his father is an astronaut inside the ship. They all take a bus to the Space Center, and wait for the spaceship to launch. They soon see their Dad waving his arms to get their attention, and he walks over to tell his family that the trip has been cancelled due to the disappearance of the moon. 

We Love KatamariEdit

While they don't appear in the main story, there are 2 unlockable cutscenes that are the original Katamari Damacy cutscenes, but in Japanese and Korean. There are bonus levels that have certain requirements to access them, and they are hosted by Mutsuo, Michiru, and Tomio

Katamari ForeverEdit

Again, the Hoshinos don't have their own side-plot in this game, but Mutsuo, Michiru, and Misue have a cameo at the end of the Jumboman arc.

Location In-gameEdit

They are all first seen in the Katamari Damacy videos, and they are seen in the Collection after making the Moon, yet they can't be actually rolled up. In the sequels they can be rolled up (easiest to find in We Love Katamari). The only way to get them in Beautiful Katamari is by downloading levels. In Katamari Forever they are seen in the last Jumboman video.

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