Fans are the people, animals, or plants that give the Prince missions in We Love Katamari. There are (about) 27 fans.


  • Blue girl
  • Sleepy guy
  • Grandpa
  • Grandma
  • Bird and elephant
  • Baby
  • French guy
  • Raincoat girl
  • Farmer
  • Nerdy boy
  • Woman in kimono
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Kid with crane hat
  • Guy in racecar
  • Girl with hula hoop
  • Tomio Hoshino
  • Fundraiser guy
  • Teacher
  • Kid in red
  • Small sumo wrestler
  • Busy man
  • Boy with inner tube
  • Dog (zoo)
  • Mutsuo Hoshino
  • Michiru Hoshino
  • Black dog (sun)
  • Rose

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