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Dangle is a cousin released in the latest sequel, Katamari Forever. He has a strange body with his hands and his legs are opposite. His head is like Honey, both of them share a barrel-like head.


Katamari ForeverEdit

Where/How to Find: Make a Star 1 - Playtime: Near the table in the dining room is a sewing kit with a ruler sitting out near the edge of it with Dangle/Bran standing on the end of it, same place Huey was in Beautiful Katamari.


Description: A cousin who has a fear of heights. Apparently, his hobby is observing ants' nests...

When Rolled Up:"What a strange object you just rolled up. INITIATING ANALYSIS...It's Dangle!...What's with that body? ANALYSIS CANCELLED!"

Stage Conclusion: "INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! Hmmm? Oh it's just you, Dangle. Were you stuck in there this whole time?"



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