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The Collect The Cousins Stage only appears after you've found all of the Cousins. You Have to roll up all of the Cousins. The Super Clear time is 2:30 or less.

Cousin LocationsEdit

  • Upper Area: Huey,Marcy, & Twinkle: go left up the hill you'll see them.
  • Daisy & Ichigo: Past Huey, Marcy, & Twinkle in front of the cow.
  • L'amour and Honey: skipping up the hill.
  • Opeo & Macho: Opeo is riding a boar and Macho is trying to stop it. They're riding around the in a slow circle in the upper half of the level.
  • Shy, Peso, & Velvet: All to the right of the small hill. Peso and Velvet are flying around and Shy is watching.
  • Columbo: on a small bear, near where you exit the lake area.
  • Lalala: relaxing on a bench right when leave the lake area.
  • Signolo: on a stump near Lalala.
  • Nickle And Can-Can: Around A bush of flowers just past Signolo.
  • Foomin: Skipping around just past Nickel and Can-Can.
  • Miso: sitting with a deer just below the wrestling ring.
  • Drooby, Lucha, & Kuro: in the wrestling ring.

Path area:

  • Nutsuo: enter the path through the right, he' s hiding behind a tree.
  • Jungle: wandering around.
  • Ace & Dipp: spining around the tree. VERY annoying!!!
  • Odeko: Hidden in the tall grass. Very big.
  • Havana & Beyond: both walking slowly clockwise across the level. Beyond needs more size to grab.
  • Fujio: standing in the ring of flowers.
  • Slip: standing in the grass past Fujio.
  • Prince: wandering around.
  • Johnson: His head is stuck in a tree if you enter through the left.
  • Miki: walks around, sometimes into the lake so watch for that.

Lake Area:

  • Marny: Swimming around.
  • Shikao: Standing on the edge of the lake.
  • Odeon: chasing a plant around the area.
  • June: Flying on an umbella arounds the area.
  • Kinoko: Sleeping near the cave.
  • Nik: Sitting in the cave.

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