Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox 360 has 40 achievements, 37 attainable without the DLC content keys.

Achivement Description GamerScore
Mini Katamari Mini Katamari You made a katamari over 30cm! 5
64px Small Katamari Desc GS
64px Sorta Big Katamari Desc GS
64px Big Katamari Desc GS
64px Jumbo Katamari Desc GS
64px Colossal Katamari Desc GS
64px Astronomic Katamari Desc 90
64px Request x 3 Completed 3 Requests. 5
64px Request x 6 Completed 6 Requests. 5
64px Request x 9 Completed 9 Requests. 20
64px All Requests Completed all Requests. 60
Katamari Perfectionist Katamari Perfectionist Completed all Requests in Normal and Time Attack Mode. 100
64px Collection 20% Rolled up 20% of the Collection. 5
64px Collection 40% Rolled up 40% of the Collection. 10
64px Collection 60% Rolled up 60% of the Collection. 20
64px Collection 80% Rolled up 80% of the Collection. 40
64px Achivement (secret) Desc GS
64px 10 Cousins Desc 5
64px 20 Cousins Desc 10
64px 30 Cousins Desc 20
64px 40 Cousins Desc 40
64px All Cousins (DLC required) Download stages and find all Cousins. 80
64px 10 Presents Desc 5
64px 20 Presents Desc 10
64px 30 Presents Desc 20
64px All Presents (DLC required) Download stages and collect all Presents. 80
64px Quick Turner You are a master of the Quick Turn! 10
64px Speedy Roller You roll your katamari with amazing speed! 10
64px Manic Roller You roll with a rough style and tend to crash a lot! 20
64px Non-stop Roller You roll constantly without stopping! 30
64px Responsible Roller You are a safe and responsible roller! 30
64px Online Roller Played online. 5
64px Frequent Online Roller Played online 10 times. 10
64px Resident Online Roller Play online 50 times. 40
64px 100 Cookies Obtained 100 Cookies. 5
64px 1,000 Cookies Obtained 1,000 Cookies. 40
64px 50 Hours Playtime (secret) Played for 50 hours. 40
64px 100 Hours Playtime (secret) Played for 100 hours. 80
64px 100 Requests (secret) Desc 40
64px 200 Requests (secret) Desc 80

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