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Ban-Ban is a cousin first introduced in Me & My Katamari. His circular shape and a hole in the middle of his body make him resemble a donut.


Me & My Katamari Edit

Where/How to Find: Potato Land - In the wrestling ring before the 30m barrier. Very hard to miss.

Size: Starting size (10m)


When Rolled Up: Hmm? We feel something round... It's the rookie, Ban-Ban! Mmm, looks delicious.

Beautiful Katamari Edit

Where/How to Find: Shani Circuit - Cleverly disguising himself as an inner tube in the lake. WARNING!! IF YOU WANT 100 POINTS ON THIS STAGE, DO NOT USE BAN-BAN! HE COUNTS AS ONE OF THE TARGET ITEMS!!

Size:1m 21cm

Description: Very proud of his speedy, spinning levetation move. Very manly, but also likes eating sweets.

Cousin Leaderboard Description: A round friend of ours. He loves eating sweet snacks despite his manly character.

When Rolled Up: Hm? A donut! Score! Oh... It's Ban-Ban... We asked you to put a cozy on!

Katamari Forever Edit

Where/How to Find: Make the Moon - In the schoolyard, behind the podium.

Size: About 3m but it isn't recommended to catch him until later so the driller can't attack you.


When Rolled Up: Did you just roll up a donut? No! It's Ban-Ban! I can't believe the size of that hole!


  • At the back of the Katamari Forever booklet, Ban-Ban's body is red, when it should be white.
  • You can't get 100% on Shani Circuit if you play as him on that stage.

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